13 October 2005

A Come Back

It's been really long since I have been to this space, although I have done a bit of blog hopping now and then...visiting some of my favourite blogs.

What started as a short break due to work pressure, turned out to be a looooooooooong one due to various reasons. I hope to start updating on a regular basis again and am really thankful for those who have been visiting during my absence.

A short update on what's been happening at my end:
Job going on as usual...but a bit better now. Have got a new colleague and so able to share the load.
The hard disk on my new machine (just two months old) in office crashed (happy it wasn't the one at home :)). But wonderful service...got it replaced with a day with all my data restored.
Home front is also good...have enrolled my daughter in a playschool to start from next Jan. We performed the "Yedu thuvakkam" (the first time she learns to write a letter) function yesterday for her.
We have planned for a trip to Australia during this month end. So, pretty busy with getting the necessary stuff ready.
A close friend and a cousin have become proud parents. Another friend in Singapore was blessed with twins. Now, she has become really busy. :)
This seems to be the month of birthdays...have attend a couple of birthday parties and there's one the coming weekend too.

So, that's for now....keep visiting :)


Chakra Sampath said...

Great to see you back... was wondering about your long silence and glad to know that all is well at your end. Keep blogging!

Aravinth said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging

Ram.C said...

Glad that you have come back to the arena.. after the 'Vijayadasami' day. Enjoy your preptns for your Australian trip and the actual trip..

Is that friend with newly born twins, about whom you blogged sometime back?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Welcome back PVS, I was wondering what was going on. Good to hear that you are doing fine. Best wishes for your daughter!

PVS said...

Thanks for all your wishes.

No Ram, it is a different friend. That friend had a baby girl.

AF said...

Good to see u back