19 October 2005

Corruption less (in) India

Corruption in India has gone down when compared to the previous years as per this article in Rediff. Although this is really heart warming, I found a most disturbing info --- Schools and hospitals are the most corrupted organisations in Tamil Nadu. This is really worrying since schools are the foundation stones for a better future and hospitals are one of the essentials in a society. Teachers & Doctors are considered to hold noble professions and this is where we see the most corruptions in Tamil Nadu. How sad!!!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Corruption - Wonder where this started.!! Shame.!

I would like for this article to be correct.! But I am sorry, It might not be...IMHO.!!

But...with the future with the Youth..I hope we put an end to corruption in India..which will see India becoming one of the greatest nations on the face of this earth...Until then....!! I am sorry..!!

Ram.C said...

It is very hard to digest that corruption has entered Education & Hospital sector. But I believe, it happened long time back itself.

Eventhough I wish that the future generation may not indulge in those activities, I am pessimistic about it. When so much of mud is there, it may spoil the new generation as well.

But it has become the order of the day everywhere.. not only in India. Whether it is US or Italy or China or Japan? Not sure, how this will be eradicated.....

Chakra Sampath said...

Sorry to sound pessimistic.. during my recent visit to india, i happened to hear a teenager in class 9 or 10 say that his aim is to get a government job..

Reason: "varravan poravan kitterndhu nalla paisaa paakalaam"..

I was pained to hear that.

Well.. we can put that down to teenage immaturity and also I don't say that every teenager is like that. What i am trying to say is, somehow or other younger generation also get spoiled.