08 March 2005

One Song

Today, on my way to office, I heard the song "Sotta Sotta nanaiyuthu TajMahal". I have heard this song quite a few times before. But today it had a special effect on me. On thinking back, I don't find that the lyrics of this song is something great...there have been better songs. I think it is the music and the voice. The song seems to keep repeating in my mind...this inspite of me listening to other songs after this one. Not sure who sang the song. But the voice was simply great. One more song to my collection of "Best Songs".


saranyan said...

hi pvs, nice blogging.

isn't that song from the movie taj mahal?

Indian Voter said...

That song was sung by Srinivas & Sujatha - there are 2 versions to it - male & female.

A good song in a bad movie. Haven't seen a worser movie from Bharathiraja.

PVS said...

Yes Saranyan its from the movie TajMahal. Think the Debut film for Manoj.

Thanks IV. I was listening to the female voice. A really good one. Didnt see the movie...so no comments to that :) But looks like I've been saved :)

Chakra Sampath said...

PVS... don't ever try to see that movie even by mistake... kodumai thaanga mudiyadhu. I saw the first half and came away. My friends were more optimistic and expected something in the later half and they went mad. :)

PVS said...

Thanks for the warning Chakra. Dont have any idea of seeing this movie.