24 March 2005

Inba Thaen Vanthu Paayuthu Kaathinilae...

It was after a few months in Tokyo. My colleague and myself were practically starved of Tamil songs. Especially the filmy music. The only Indian music we heard was from my walkman which used to be permanently in my traveling bag. Unfortunately I had bought only one cassette. So we were resigned to the songs from "Dum Dum Dum".

As the days neared for us to leave, we were discussing on what we would do immediately after reaching India and one that was foremost in our minds was to listen to some good old filmy songs in Tamil.

On our way back to India, we had planned to visit Singapore. Loaded with a transit visa, we scanned the airport for my cousin at 2am...I don't know how he managed to smile and welcome us at that ungodly hour!!! We came out and found a taxi. It was being driven by a North Indian cabbie. Shoving our bags into the cab, we got in and settled down. The cab started moving and suddenly the song "Ninaithalae inikkum" filled the air. We were both pretty excited to hear the song and started grinning from ear to ear. Nothing that my cousin spoke fell into our ears after that. We were blissfully listening to the song. It was almost a shock at the beginning to hear the song as we were least expecting it. It turned out to be one of the most interesting journeys.

PS: Coming to think about it, that song didn't have many words in it expect for "Ninaithalae inikkum"...So much for a Tamil Song!!!


Chakra Sampath said...

While going abroad, ppl think abt so many things to pack.. but most ppl forget abt the cassettes/CDs... perhaps coz they don't come under 'essential' items.

But if u go to a place like this - it is very much essential to carry few songs cassettes. I realised the same after a month of Tamil starving initially.

AF said...

I made sure when i came to come loaded with Tamil cassettes. I have so many cassettes old new, my baby 14 mths, enjoy only tamil music and dances to its tunes. She loves the Boys, Sami, Kushi, Youth and what not, she enjoy our music so much and i'm so proud of it, she has taken after me!!!

saranyan said...

internet la illaya enna.

I took with me some old cassettes and kept playing them constantly.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

We had a radio station in the bay area which closed down sometime back.

But I have recorded 'MIRCHI FM' from India, which I love ..!!

Also I have a lot of tamil songs in my car.

My latest collection is Chandramukhi, Raam, ViswaTulasi.!!

Tamil songs..!!! Anyday..my friend..!!

Your experience is intresting..!!

Twin-Gemini said...

There's nothing like a favorite song to start your day pleasantly. Before I get to work I have to listen to atleast one of my favorite songs. I listen to almost all of the Tamil and Hindi songs that gets released.