04 March 2005

Hide and Seek

Have you ever wondered if a particular scene or sequence could really happen in life when you watch a film? Do you like James Bond and the likes? Do you like fast action movie? Then this is for you. Enjoy and have a nice time.


Chakra Sampath said...

Ohhh no no no.... u hav hijacked my blog post for today.. Just typed about this & spell checked in MS Word and in the mean time, checked your blog only to find it here already.. :((

Anyways, this seems to be in par with the Operation to eliminate Veerappan or the Operation against terrorists in Akshardam temple. What a shame that this has to be done for the sake of power politics.

Indian Voter said...

Looks like a repeat of the emergency days. Scary to say the least.

PVS said...

Oh Chakra hard luck :)). Better luck next time.