14 March 2005

Is this right?

A friend of mine is in last few weeks of the third trimester and had been to visit her doctor last week. On checking her, the doctor had asked to come again in four days as the baby's head had not turned. So she wanted to manually turn the baby, since if this is not done, they would have to go for caesarean. This is her third child and since the previous two were normal births, she didn't want to go for a cesearean. Later, when she was discussing this with her friend, who is a gyn and had been practicing in India, the friend asked her to wait for a few more days to see if the baby turned by itself, since it was common for such occurrences for the second or third babies.

My friend was clearly intrigued by this and did a bit of browsing and came to the conclusion that she could wait for a few more days. She then went to her doctor and told the same. The doctor was not very happy about this and warned her of the consequences. Finally she made a note of this in the records and told her that she would not be liable for anything that happened later.

Now, I have this question...Did my friend do the right thing and did the doctor take the right action?


Chakra Sampath said...


This is a kinda caught between the devil & the deep sea.

persons advicing her on both the extremes are professionals.. and she has to trust her instincts on this.. not just that, when she has found some credible info on the net, in the given circumstances, i feel that she has done the right thing.

i know someone who faced this kinda dilemma before on a slightly different health issue and went by the way your friend did.. later on, she was right!

Ask your friend to take care.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


I have faced similar situations .

I think your friend show have faith in her doctor.

These days there is a lot of information overload thanks to the NET etc. ( Do you know the story about Lord Shiva/Parvathi and the donkey?).

My wife has had 2 c-sections.

Believe me, its not a bad option. Some even feel, its a safer, simpler option and go for an 'Elective c-section'.

My best wishes to your friend.

Where is this happening.? Is this in India or in some other country?

PVS said...

hi Chakra,

Personally, I've had quite a few experiences like this before and have always been in a dilema as to what is the best option. We do need to keep in mind that the doctors here tend to be more cautious and take pre-emptive measures to ensure that their backs are safe.

Hope everything goes fine for my friend

PVS said...

Hi NV,

Now that she has taken the decision, hope it is the best :)).

Will update my blog when she has her baby :)

This is in Singapore.

PVS said...

My friend had a beautiful baby girl today (23-03-2005) at 2.30pm. :))

It was a caesarean. The baby didnt turn :(