25 June 2007

Trumpet Blowing

May 18th, 2007. It was the parents-teachers meet at my daughters school. Althou I didn't go to the school expecting a lot of complaints, I was sure there would be a few issues here and there. Specially about her loud voice and screams. She is so loud, that I can hear her screams from our 6th floor apartment when she goes to the playground or swimming pool.

But, what did I get on that day? A glowing picture of a sweet and soft girl who likes to impress the teacher and is ready to share with her friends!! (this is something I am yet to see, because she is generally very reluctant to share even with us).

There was this Chinese teacher who was all praise about her and sharing bits of information on how she responds in Chinese...this was another bit of surprise for me. I only knew that she could sing a few chinese songs and count from one to ten. Looks like my little one can identify the colors and a few characters in Chinese. She can also coin a few words together to form meaningful sentences. The teacher wanted my daughter to continue her chinese classes. She was even ready to help her when she goes for higher classes. I was dumbfounded.

I then met one of the assistant teachers and her comment on my daughter was the highlight. She told that my daughter is very diplomatic and a good arbitrator. Now, who would have thought that about a 3 year old? I do have a lot to learn about my daughter...

ஈண்ற பொழுதினும் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன் பிள்ளை சாண்றொன் எனக் கேட்டத்தாய்
(INRa pozhuthinum perithuvakkum than piLLai saaNRon enak kEttaththaay)

She made my day.


Me said...

She told that my daughter is very diplomatic and a good arbitrator

...thats nice..:)

..had to get the meaning of the kural before i commented...

...does she know thamizh...if not teach her...when she is young...if not she will become like Me...:)

PVS said...

yep, she knows tamil. Here, its part of the curriculum. If you are an Indian, you have to take tamil as your second language.

Me said...