20 June 2007

It's the mango season.... again

Normally we have visitors from India in May and get the juicy Thathacariyar Gardens Imam pasand mangoes. But this year, we didn't have anyone coming in May. June had come and no one was planning to visit us in the first two weeks. So I was sure that we had missed the mangoes this year. But, as luck would have it, the mango season was delayed this year and so when my parents came in mid June, they got those juicy mangoes... Now, this is life :)


Chakra said...

hmmm.... I envy you!

Me said...

Hmmmm...Mango Shake & Mango Lassi are the only options here... I have started to enjoy what I have rather than dreaming about the rest..

PVS said...

yes, that's the nice part of living so close to India :)