21 July 2005

Medical Tourism

India has great potentials of becoming a tourism hub. With its varied climatic conditions and cultural diversity, it has something for everyone. If advertised properly and with better infrastructure, Indian tourism can become a thriving industry providing jobs for millions of people.

Saw an article today about Visas for Medical Tourism The Indian Government is taking the right step towards tourism. But it would be encouraging to see them provide such visas for other countries too. Especially to countries like UK where the Medical cost is very high and already there is awareness about Medical Tourism in India.


saranyan said...

you are right .. it only makes more sense if people from the west are also allowed to make use of this VISA. it will be a booming business for us. but there is also a danger of hospitals catering only for foreigners who can pay a little extra. maybe thats why the govt. hasn't opened this up fully.

AF said...

Try the contest in Narayanan's blog, i like to see u write.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I read this as well.

I remember reading in WSJ a few months back that the Medical Insurance in UK covers it as well...!

Considering the cost comparisons, it is a good step.

But then Infrastructure and other issues? Hope the Indian Govt. takes care of it as well.!

PS - There is a report in THE HINDU today about a LEAK in the 'TAJ MAHAL'.!

பாலு மணிமாறன் said...

Based on my experience with Doctors in Singapore, I will say that Indian Doctors are quick to diagnosis and quick to act. It is s all because of their vast experience of treating hundreds of people everyday in a huge nation called India.

When you include cost factor ( even if it is getting expensive nowadays ), some Singaporeans prefer to have treatment in India and they express confidence in Indian Doctors. If projected rightly, people all over the world will have the same feeling about Indian Doctors and Indian medical facilities

Now – it is all in the hands of Indian Government to act with mission and makes the most.

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Medical tourism is the next wave...

Anonymous said...

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