06 July 2005

Kannadasanin Ponnama

Kannadasan, one of the greatest poets in Tamil, penned a song for his wife on their 25th anniversary. We now have the privilege of reading this through the post of their son Venkat Kannadasan.

Thanks to him, we have another GEM from Kannadasan. This song touched my heart and had me thinking about it for a long time.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

PVS - Thank you for plugging this in.! I read that Venkat was going to post it..but not today.!!

Thanks again.!

Chakra Sampath said...

Thats so very nice.. Thanks PVS for the link.

Ram.C said...

this is a sequel to the comments made for the previous post.. If you happen to read 'ananda vikatan' you might have noticed different types of 'rasam's in their supplement this week (came along with issue dt 10-Jul).

Here are those different unique 'rasam's other than the normal ones

Maavatral Rasam (they didn't discuss about mambazham rasam!!)
Vaazhaithandu rasam (!!)
Apple rasam
Orange Rasam
Seeraga rasam
Paneer rasam
More rasam (yes.. it is 'more' made out of curd!!!)
Veepampoo rasam (do we see neem trees anywhere in singapore?)
Pudhina rasam
Coconutmilk rasam (another way to add fat)
maadhulam pazham rasam (!!!)
Peeriichampazham rasam

there were several more (totally 30!!!)

Why don't try you some and write down your experience, PVS?

PVS said...

Narayanan, Chakra -- yaam petra inbam peruga ivaiyagam :))

Ram.C: Adengapaa...so many types!!! I have tasted maavatral rasam. It would be nice. The maavatral can be used in Sambar also. Reduce the tamarind and add the vatral for the sour taste.

Paneer rasam is not the paneer prepared from milk. It is the scented paneer water. I have tasted this too, but didn't like it much.

Pudhina rasam, my mother used to prepare, if we had pudhina chutney that day. :))