19 July 2005

An Intro

We were looking for a maid, and this is how a Maid agency introduced us to the prospective maid:

"XXX, This is Mrs and Mr.yyy. They have come to employ you. They are also like you. They too have left family and friends behind and have come here in search of money...blah blah blah"


Kaps said...

Maybe the maid agency wanted the maid to help you out in the search.

I have also come in search of money.....but the search is still on.
Hope Google will help me.

Ram.C said...


Where did you go for the maids? Little India agency or orchard road agency.. I hope Little India guys don't introduce like this. If so, it is strange news for me.. We had the experience of employing a maid 3 years back. (just for 6 mths)...

AF said...

What Crap?? Are those indian agencies, tell them they are here too to make money.

Twin-Gemini said...

Pretty funny. So Maids are quite common in Singapore, is it?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Funny indeed.

ON the other hand...lucky you as well.! How expensive is it in singapore.!

To have maid services here...You need quite a bit of money I've heard.! ( Never even attempted )

saranyan said...

opportunities for everyone :)

வெங்கி / Venki said...

continuing from where you have left,

and I am doing this out of care and concern, so I am happy to provide this service "free of charge" as I am only in search of people and not money. HaHaHaHa (This is laughter is from me!!!!)

PVS said...

@kaps: Google iruka bayamaen!!!

@ram.C: I went to one of the agencies in Little India. I had been to quite a few agencies, but this was the first time, some one introduced like this.

@af: yep, they are Indian agencies...everyone is there is to make money only...otherwise we have to be like Mother Theresa.

PVS said...

@Twin-Gemini: Yea, maids are quite common in Singapore.

@Narayanan: In Singapore, the Levy that we pay to the Government is higher than the amount we pay the maids. I always pity the maids...they work hard and look who enjoys the fruit. I would have no grudges if the amount was atleast a bit lesser than the amount given to the maids.

@saranyan: :))

@Venki: haha (this is my laugh)