07 June 2005

A model in the making

We had a few guests during the weekend. One of the kid was the same age as my daughter. After the initial apprehension, both of them settled down to play. But there was always a fight looming at the horizon when a new toy was spotted. The kids ensured we were kept busy.

During one such fight, where both of them could not be pacified, someone switched on the music. Immediately both the kids stopped crying and started dancing. And what a dance it was!!! Two tear stained faces beaming proudly and dancing away to glory.

Wanting to capture the beauty, my hubby got out the camera and camcord...and guess what happened?

Both of them stopped dancing, and stood still for the photo!!! No amount of coaxing would make them dance. So we resorted to taking a photo hoping they would start their dance after that. But the smart kids immediately changed stance and gave another pose. This was something that we least expected from 17 month olds!!!


Chakra Sampath said...

This generation kids are extra smart.

AF said...

Yes as Chakra says, they know what they want.

saranyan said...

even at 12 months, my nephew would smile to a camera and pose :) they grasp things at an amazing pace :)
next time do it secretly.

Ram.C said...

This generation kids are very smart.. I had observed it several times. They know how to behave in front of a camera...

another one, PVS

நீர் இல்லையேல், இந்த இரட்டைக் கிளவிகள் முடிவு பெற்றிருக்காது....Check it out at


thennavan said...

Kuzhandaigalai arivaaligal endru koorubavar ariviligal

Avargalai arivu oligal endru koorubavare arignargal


PVS said...

chakra & af: very true

@saranyan: we did take a few shots secretly, but when u want to have a shot facing them, it becomes difficult!!

@Ram.c : Anubavam paesutha? :) Commented in ur blog about the "Iratai kilavi"

@Thennavan: aam, avargal arivu oligal!!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

kids, fight, music, dance.!

Aren't they amazing. I have the same experiences here.

Sad that you couldn't capture the action.!. I am sure a day will come when you can actually do this.
Good Luck.

hari said...


So cute of the kids, i say. Now a days kids are not only literal but also very rational, much more than us.

Gone are the days, when kiddishness was associated with stupidity.

PVS said...

@Narayanan: yep, hoping to capture it soon.

@Hari: Never under estimate the kids...they are way above us

Me said...

PVS couldn't control laughing....avangala oda photo onnu potu irundheenga na kalakal aaa irundhurkum.......