17 June 2005

Cheese it

I once received a mail, about Cheese normally containing animal rennet, which is from the stomach of slaughtered new-born calf. I had never checked the label of Cheese packets before. Cheese was something like milk or butter and I didn't feel the need to check if it contained any non-veg item. This mail has really opened up the Pandora’s box for me. Now, I'm ever conscious when I get things from the supermarket. Apart from checking the dates, I also check the ingredients of even mundane things I get. I hope I don't end up checking for ingredient list in a packet of "cut vegetables"!!

I'm not sure of when this email was written and if it is valid still, but here is a list of eateries and Bakeries in Singapore and the Cheese they use:

Who's using what
CHEESE used by different popular eateries and bakeries in Singapore:
Pizza Hut: Vegetarian cheese -- Thank God, I frequent this place often.
Canadian Pizza: Vegetarian cheese
Pasta Fresca: Vegetarian cheese
Pasta Mania: Non-vegetarian cheese
Delifrance: Non-vegetarian cheese
BreadTalk: Non-vegetarian cheese -- Another place I used frequent, but now, I ensure that I don't get any items with cheese from here

PS: Vegetarian Cheese is made of fungal-based rennet. Examples are is Kraft's Philadelphia cream cheese and Spring Cottage's UK vegetarian cheddar.


Kaps said...

Ram C had forwarded me this mail more than a year ago. We used to frequent Pastamania often and hence we stayed away from touching the cheese there.

Wud b careful about Delifrance and BreadTalk as well.

Chakra Sampath said...

Thank goodness abt the Pizza Hut.. hope they're using Veg. Cheese in UK as well.

I never knew that cheese could contain such animal stuff. uvvvaaaieyyyy!

Me said...

my friend reads each and everything carefully before getting it.....always wondered why....once i got a cake kind of stuff from vending machine and it contained some beef related fat or something like that.....thank god my friend read the ingredients and we did not eat that.....lesson leart ...now i look into all these details carefully before buying...

Ram.C said...

Kaps.. so you remember, still.

Yes PVS.. it had panicked few of my ex-colleagues too. Now you had given some more info to KAPS.. paavam, antha pacchilai unnum jeevan.

Look for my new post on the latest hot topic ....

ioiio said...

Geez! That sucks.. But how can we find out in a shop thats not as big as say a pizza hut..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

When we buy cheese we make sure the Rennet is Microbial Rennet and not Animal rennet ( Most Health food stores have the details on the label).

I am not sure if the commercial eateries would go the extra mile to use Veggie-Cheese.

Cogito said...

Thanks for the info .

PVS said...

@kaps: I've also stopped frequenting Pastamania.

@Chakra: Me too...didnt know until I got the forward. Went home to check the cheese I had and it contained the "Rennet". Was not able to eat anything for a few days :((

PVS said...

ME: You have good friends...

@Ram.c : I was pretty worried after seeing the mail myself :)

checked ur post...nice LOL :)

@ioiio: No idea. think we have to jst refrain from having cheese..

@Narayanan: yep, thats what I too do now.

@Cogito: Welcome