10 July 2009

A good movie is...

one where even a five year old who doesn't understand the language and has no idea about the main concept is able to recommend the movie to you.

The little girl watched Chak De yesterday with her aunt and asked me to watch it. These were her words, "Amma, I saw a hindi film with Athai. It's very nice. You should also see it. It is about some girls playing Hockey. (Note: She had never heard about hockey before). It is very nice Amma. They will try so hard. In the first game against Australia, they will lose. And in one game against another team, they will get beaten up. But they will try hard and finally win. I think we should get a CD for ourselves. The one Athai got is a borrowed one. "

I was pretty impressed with her understanding of the film and the way she felt that she should recommend it to me. Something like "Yam petra inbam peruga ivaiyagam".

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