08 July 2009

Anyone can be a music director...

if it's remix songs they want.

Here is my simple recipe for remix songs
1. Get a popular old song.
2. Get a singer who can't speak proper Tamil or who can 'Englipees' the Tamil. (gees, give me a break)
3. Bring out your kid's keyboard.
4. Switch on the rock and roll or some such music with the drums turned on. It should be on high volume.
5. Now get the singer to sing the song...no need to change the basic music and can be the same tune as well.
6. Now to differentiate the song from the old
a. Repeat the first line or first two words a few times.
b. Sing the song really fast
c. Add a few English words in between
d. Add a few lines of rap which no one should be able to identify.
e. Finish with a 'one liner/one word' like 'Ethu yeppadi' drawled out.
7. Your song is ready!

Bah, I just hate it when they dole out such remixes. The beauty of the original song is lost and they don't even take the pains to do something different.

There was this song I heard the other day. It had the same tune, but at a faster phase, as if the singer had to catch a train and then in between had the music from other top hits of yesteryear. God, are we so in dearth of music?

To all ye music directors who want to do a remix, please listen to "Thotal poo malarum" by ARR. A beauty. I love the old and the new version.


Me said...

LOL! bayangara lollu post!

Pudhu style la post & tags laam potu kalakareenga ponga..

I know only two remix songs...Vasantha Mullai...& Ponmagal Vandhal...and the second one is my fav...

[methinks idha sollitu naan thittu vaangama povena]

PVS said...

I too like Pnmagal vanthal...u see music by ARR is class apart..:)

The above post was a result of frustration after hearing to remix songs non stop for almost an hour on the radio.