26 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy New Year! I'm not late, I'm wishing you for the Chinese New Year (well, at least I managed to update my blog now). Have been wanting to blog about a lot of this, but as usual got side-tracked. So here's a short update on all that's been going on at my end.

The little boy makes one wonder where he gets the energy from. He is always running about, pulling this or that, climbing chairs, tables and any place where he can get a foothold! He is able to climb on to the bedside shelf. And, is he ever so careful! Makes sure his first foothold is secure before he keeps the next or lets go his hold. No drawers or cupboards are off limit for him. Even the ones that he can't reach, he has found ways of opening.

Ask the imp ways to get your mom into trouble - He would be blissfully playing and just then notice that you are getting his milk/food ready. Immediately he would start howling for the food as if he was without food for the past one week. Imagine my plight when the grandparents are around. The 2 minutes it takes to prepare is enough to start a ruckus.

We had been to India during the last week of December. So got to celebrate my daughter's birthday there (All her birthdays have been in India!!!) It was fun as usual, a smaller crowd and a home decorated cake. She wore a peacock blue frock and had her hair done by her aunt. Then, my mom exclaimed that she looked like a princess (She is averse to any party wear frocks and such a frock is worn only when it has been praised by all and sundry!). She then went down with her cousins. It was only later we knew about her grand entry - with her cousins shouting "Give way to the princess...Cinderella is coming, parak parak" the troupe had marched into the living room and then taken a tour around the house. This had the whole household in splits. A pity it was not caught on tape.

The week during Pongal was very busy with this being the "Thalai Pongal" (first pongal after marriage) for my brother and hubby's cousin. We were shuttling between places. Then we went to Pazhani for the little boy's "mottai". The following sunday we were on our way back to Singapore and we are back to our routine.

Happy Republic Day to all!!


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"Give way to the princess...Cinderella is coming, parak parak"


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