04 December 2008

Post Mumbai attacks

Like every other Indian, I have been doing nothing else other than switching channels and browsing thro the net for news on the Mumbai attacks. Have read so many news items, listened to all the discussions on TV and the read thro quite a few prominent blogs.

A few points that I felt after reading the News and blogs is

1. People claiming that the hue and cry now is because of the elite places being hit and also because of Foreign causalities. Although this might be true to a certain extent, I don't think the general population are impacted by this alone. I felt anger and depression when I saw the footage. This is not becos the Taj hotel or the Oberoi was hit. The alarm I felt was due to the footage of the gunman. Did you see the smile on his face? Did you see the gleam in his eyes? This is what alarmed me. This was not an incident where someone throws a bomb. It was cold blooded murder with not an ounce of remorse. Did you read about the carnage in CST? Shooting people around you...Were these men humans or beasts?

2. The articles / blog comments suggesting the death of ATS chief as a revenge for the action against the Sadhvi..how cheap can you people get?

3. What happened to those gundas who chased away North Indians from Mumbai, when the commandos and NSG came to the rescue? Didn't they feel the need to ban them? Where will they keep their face now? It's Indianness that binds us. It's the Indianness that we should be proud of and leave all these petty politics.

I hope the candle vigilance and huge turnout at various locations in India shows our solidarity to the World. I hope something good comes out of this and we have better security.

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