26 November 2008

Away from home

The daughter set off to her grandma's house two weeks back. The day before leaving, there was a lot of drama at home. She wanted to see her favourite "Snow White" CD so that she remembers it during her holidays. There was a big hue and cry when we asked her to take a nap in the afternoon as she had not completed playing with all her toys before leaving for India (as if she even looks at them when at home). Then, there was the packing of her bag. She wanted to take a lot of books to read when bored, she wanted her workbook, so she could work in the flight (that she slept thro the journey is another story), she wanted all her party dresses and if allowed, she would have taken all her things with her!! At night she wanted to sleep between us as she would miss us. This had her daddy dear almost crying. He didn't want his little daughter going anywhere.

The next day, she was up bright and early and ready within minutes. At the airport she cheerfully waved bye and was off with her aunt even before we could give a proper kiss.

So the little girl is in India now and has been in four different houses within the span of two weeks. And ma, has she made us proud? Not a complaint from any of the aunts or grandparents. The moment we speak, its only praise for her. From their talk you would think that she is the epitome of a well behaved kid. The highlight was when my mom told that she begins and ends everything with a "My mom told". So it's mom told me to wear this or wear that, mom told me to brush, mom told me to do this, the list goes on. I don't remember telling her all these, maybe a few...

The other day, while playing she had given a piece of paper to my mom telling her it was money. After a while my mom threw the paper into the bin on her way to cook. The little one goes to her grandmom and asks for the "money" after an hour. And when she came to know the fate of the "money" she reprimands my mom with these words: "Ammamma, don't you know the value of money? Without money you can't do anything. Money is next only to God!!!" My gawd, where did she get this? None of us at home had even uttered anything remotely close that would get such words from her. Now, my mom has serious doubt about my parenting skills :(


Priyamvada_K said...

Your daughter is priceless....:))


PVS said...

Thanks Priya