14 August 2008

Why we need daughters

This morning, my daughter work up pretty early, 4:30am and didn't go back to sleep. I had to come to office early and so just got ready and started to leave. All the others in the house were still sleeping and I asked the little one to go back to bed. She kept coming behind me and when I was going to open the door, she asked me, "Mummy, you didn't have anything to eat!!". I said, "Yes dear, I'll pick up something on the way". She wouldn't accept it. "Mummy at least drink milk." "I'm late, so will have it on the way." By now she was almost in tears. "Mummy, you would be hungry" and starts crying.

Now, you can't ignore this right? I ended up having a biscuit, a glass of water, a very wet kiss and a satisfied kid!!!


Me said...

ah how sweet..

usually daughters are more attached to fathers right? eppadi unga veetla ippadi?

PVS said...

my daughter is a drama queen. It is not dependant on who the parent is. She would have reacted the same way if it was her father also.