11 August 2008

Does God love me?

"Mummy, am I a good girl?"
"Yes darling..."
"Mummy, does God think I'm a good girl?"
"Yes darling..." (Wondering where this leads to)
"Then why doesn't he like me?"
"Who said he doesn't like you? God loves you so much"
ponders for a few mins.."I think God doesn't love me mummy. Why else would he not call me to his side"
I didn't understand what she was trying to tell and looked at her enquiringly.
She was busy watching the TV and they were showing a photo with a garland around it.
"God does love you darling. But he has work for you, work that only you can do. So he wants you to complete all those before going to him." (Although I was trying to answer her question similar to the 1000 other questions that she asks me everyday, this made my heart ache).


Chakra said...

Many a times, questions from kids does knock us down. Few days ago, Anirud had a small cut in his finger and few droplets of blood was coming out. As we were cleaning it up he asked, "அப்பா, எனக்கு blood எல்லாம் வருதே.. நான் செத்து போய்டுவேனா?"

I couldn't sleep for 2 days after hearing that.

PVS said...

yea, I suspect all this is due to the TV.