16 April 2008

Wednesday morning Blues

The morning had started on the wrong note. First, I got up early and prepared everything and was ready for office before my hubby woke up. Normally he drops me at my office on the way to his. But as he was not feeling well last night, I just allowed him to sleep and got ready well in time to catch the train to office. But just as I was packing the lunch, he got up and told he would be able to drop me at office as he was feeling better. That was good news!! I had 30mins extra :) The children too woke up by then and so I went and had a bit of playtime with them on the bed. "All was well with the world". Then, I got up to pack the kozhambu for my colleague. I had already taken a few bottles and cleaned and dried it. When I was going to pour the kozhambu in it, my daughter came and pulled the bottle away. She wanted it. I asked her to give it back to me and offered her other bottles. She was not swayed. I tried asking her nicely, bribing her and even shouting at her. Nothing worked. So I just told her to keep the bottle and remember that not sharing is a very bad habit and that mummy was not happy. I took another bottle. (a bit bigger and so could fill only half of it). Then, I finished packing the lunch and was keeping the packet of vadam, when she came and grabbed that. It was already late and hubby was at the lift with the car keys and asking me to hurry up. So I just told her to keep the packet and told her that she would not be getting anything else from me as she doesn't like to share. I ended up late in office. :(

The scene this morning has been playing in my mind from the time I left. I normally like to make peace with her, before I leave. Today, she has been left feeling bad. When I called back home, MIL told that she had just thrown the packet down and was back to normal. It would be tough when I go back home. She would be back to normal, but I would have to bring up the incident this morning and discipline her. I can't leave it as such as she is refusing to share anything recently. She's going to dislike me today.

Second, a colleague's wife is pregnant and has the morning sickness in full force. He has been cooking for her the past few weeks. She is not able to eat anything and keeps throwing up. The tablets too don't seem to work for her. This being their first child and being so far off from the parents and relatives, they find it pretty tough. Not having any experience in cooking, he feels guilty about her going hungry. So, I prepared a few stuff, like more kuzhambu, vathakuzhambu, pullikachal and bought it to office to pass it to him. There I was sitting smugly waiting for him to come and see what I had got, when I got this mail from him. It said that he would not be able to come to office for the next two days as his wife is not feeling well. :( Now we'll have to live on 'more kozhambu' and vathakozhambu for a week as I had prepared enough for them and us. Nothing seems to work as I want it to...

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