29 April 2008

Back to school

Classroom sessions with my daughter are a delight. You get an insight into what happens in her class (normally she wont tell anything about what happened in class).

The little one is always the teacher and all the others in the household become the students. Sometimes imaginary ones are also added. Some GEMS from her:

"Aiya...you never listen to me!!!" - this is said with a perfect Singlish Accent.
"Good job XXX, I like what you have done"
"Will you STOP Talking and give me your attention?"
"If you keep talking, I'll write your name on the board and you wont get any goodie bags, OK?"
"Aiya, I cant teach this class. You people!!! I'm going to go away"
"Wow, this is excellent work. Can I hang it up to show it to the others too?"
"Now, now, no pushing. That is not the way good children behave. Go stand in the line and say sorry to him"
"Oh, that was good. Come, let me give you a hug!!"


Chakra said...

Wow... thats very cute. Very nice one indeed.

My lil' one does tell me what happens at school.

PVS said...

lucky you..I wud love to hear from my daughter about her school activities.