20 September 2010

Party entertainments

The Little Boy's birthday falls on this month and Shruthi announced an apt competition. Handmade party favours and decorations were this month's competition.

This was prepared by the little girl to entertain the little guests who come. Last year she was the magician and this year she wanted to be a story teller.

The TV was made using a dress box and plastic sheet. We fixed two balloon sticks as the stand. The story pictures were stuck together to form a long length of story spool. The story spools were stuck to the two ballon sticks in such a way that when they were rotated the story moved from right to left.

The little girl told the story as she kept rotating the poles and each new picture appeared.


Me said...


reminds me of toy tv that I saw as a kid....it had beautiful images of places in Switzerland ...and on a click of a button the images rotated...:))

B o o. said...

whoa! thats fantastic.

And thanks for recommending my birthday party post. thats nothing compared to this. :)

AswathiBabu said...

Fabulous and congrats for yr commentable support to this great event

Vini aka Pooh said...

Love it! Very creative and what a talented family!

Dropping in from Shruti's Blog

PVS said...

@Me: Thanks. The kids too enjoyed the story.

@Boo: Thanks. I loved the rainbow theme.

@AswathiBabu: Welcome to my Blog!!

@Vini: Thanks for dropping by. I love your blog too. You are very creative.

Amrita said...

Excellent!!! Very creative..

Anonymous said...

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WoW! that was a brilliant creation..so great..