25 May 2009

Zao an

The other day my daughter asked me the meaning of a long sentence. The only catch was that the sentence was in Chinese (at least it sounded like Chinese). Thinking she was up to some make believe games, I just gave her a reply. But she repeated the sentence and asked me to listen carefully before answering. After she had repeated (with no changes) a couple of times, I told her that I didn't know the meaning. Then she told that it was 'dear children, sit down, sit down'. I'm still not sure whether it is the correct sentence, but I have to give her the benefit of doubt. She repeated the sentence with the same words and sounds each time I asked her and she didn't waver a bit. She attended the Chinese class for a year when she was in nursery and her teacher was all praise about her grasping power. But being her mother, I know that she loves to speak gibberish. There have been instances when she has replied in 'Chinese', but in all the cases it has been to non-Chinese speakers. So I take her Chinese speaking ability with a pinch of salt.

Incidently, the title means "Good Morning" in Chinese and that is all that I know in Chinese!!!

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