02 September 2008

Tring Tring

The term holidays started for my daughter from yesterday. I had got her a few activity books and the way she completes the activities nowadays, I thought that this would keep her occupied most of the time. So, on the first day of her term holidays, I call her to check whether she had completed any activity. She answers the phone with a

"Oh mummy, I've been very busy this morning."
"That's nice. What have you been doing?"
"I was busy calling and speaking with my friends."
"What? Who is the friend you were speaking to?"
She gives the name of two of her friends.
"Where did you get the number from?"
"I asked and wrote down all their numbers in the little telephone book on the last day to school"

So, the little miss has arrived!!! How am I going to cope with her in a decades time?

PS: She is 4 years and 8 months now.


Chakra said...

hahaha... present day kids are centuries ahead in smartness.

Me said...

What is an activity book? Coloring book aaa?

Do you guys speak in English or Tamil?

Some oorvambu..were her friends boys?

PVS said...

@chakra: yes, they are way ahead.

@me: Activity book has coloring, joining the dots to form a picture, some simple maths, logic and such. She enjoys these books.
We speak in Tamil.

the ones she spoke with were her girl friends.