18 October 2007


I note that I have been unconsiously making comparison with my previous delivery and the recent one. I had been to two different GYN for my daughter and son. For my daughter it was a private practicioner and a well known one. But she was arrogant and very strict. Every visit to her would be a tension filled one. She used to complain during each visit. Either it was too much weight or too little. But we continued with her as we felt all her complaints were for our good only. The last straw was when she forgot an injection that had to be given for me.

So for the second one, we went to a different GYN. She was the exact opposite to the previous one. If the first one was over cautious, this one was too linient. Nothing was a cause of concern for her. There were no monthly visits. Only once in 6 weeks.

So from day 1, I have been comparing both the Doctors. Then, it was the hospital service and the nurses. I do hope I don't end up comparing both the kids :)


Chakra said...

> I do hope I don't end up comparing both the kids

- isn't that inevitable? but i hope the missing part would be the 'complaints'. :)

Me said...

title paatha odanay i thot u were comparing the kids....