11 September 2006

Colorful Singapore

A new comer to Singapore would be stuck by the greenery around him. Everywhere you go, you would find green trees and shrubs. Even in the highly populated City area, you would find fresh green plants smiling at you.

With so many plants you might think that there would be a few flowers around. Especially, since Singapore is touted as the Garden City. But, except for a few pathetic Bouganvilla plants along a few flyovers, there were almost no flowering plants. Visitors from abroad used to ask us about this and I never had a proper reply to this.

Now the image has changed suddenly. With the IMF meetings in Suntec, the area around suntec are surrounded by beautiful flowers. Daisies, marigolds and Canna adorn the city. A colorful smile to welcome the delegates.

PS: But somehow I feel that the flowers have removed the elegant and orderly look of Singapore ;)


Me said...

just wondering...whether most of the ppl in singapore keep their homes prefect as well...

PVS said...

you are most welcome to come to my house to check it out ;)